This is "just" a small start for some more advanced ideas for which I never had time, with this I finally made a start anyway and now I'll work on the "bigger" features in small steps. Having active users and data also helps!

For now you can:

  • Keep a few lists there: want / have / selling / had / tested (returning topics on a lot of forums, now you can just refer to your list here)
  • Add positive/negative comments to each pedal ("light" reviews for FXDB?)
  • See results from eBay and more than 30 other sites with auctions/classifieds for your "want" list under "Notifications"(*) as well as on top of the eBay ads on FXDB and the FXDB forum(*). (*: when you're logged inof course)
  • When you checked the results you can click "mark seen", so next time you'll only see what's new (you can still go to "all results" to see the old results that are still valid) (added September 30, 2013)

Also thinking about:

  • Export of your list
  • Import of your list (submitting a list of pedal names instead of searching one by one)
  • Privacy options?
  • ...

myFXDB uses the login system of the forum, there's also a "myFXDB" link on EffectsDatabase and in the user navigation of the forum.

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