Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh - Fuzz

  • 9.5
  • Positive: The Pharaoh is the Lord of the fuzzes. The one fuzz to rule them all.

Boss BD-2 Blues Driver

  • 8
  • Positive: It's a blues driver... You know what it sounds like.

Catalinbread Katzenkönig

  • 8.5
  • Positive: Mix a tone bender fuzz with a rat pedal. Awesome tone. The Katzenkonig is a unique dirty beast of pedal.

Deep Trip Hellbender (Version 2)

  • 10
  • Positive: In insanely good tonebender type fuzz

DigiTech Dirty Robot

  • 9
  • Positive: Lazer zaps, robot voices, and Blade Runner sounding synth swells. Good fun.

Electro-Harmonix Soul Food - Transparent Overdrive

  • 6
  • Positive: They sound great, but..
  • Negative: Too bad they keep breaking

Electro-Harmonix XO B9 Organ Machine

  • 8
  • Positive: Excellent organ tones. Very cool

Fulltone Full-Drive 2 (Mosfet)

  • 8
  • Positive: A feature loaded overdrive with boost. Lots of hairy crunchy goodness to be found inside.

Fulltone OCD Obsessive Compulsive Drive

  • 9
  • Positive: Great sounding, harmonically rich overdrive.

Fuzzrocious Grey Stache (With diode mod and killswitch)

  • 9.5
  • Positive: An absolute tone beast filled with creamy fuzzy goodness. Best civil war type muff ever.

Jim Dunlop Cry Baby BG-95 Buddy Guy Signature Wah

  • 10
  • Positive: This is the Cadillac of Wah Pedals.

Jim Dunlop FFM-1 Silicon Fuzz Face Mini

  • 7.5
  • Positive: A good fuzz pedal. Boost it with a compressor, a great fuzz pedal.

Jimi Hendrix JHM7 Univibe

  • 9
  • Positive: Exacly the same as mxr's excellent univibe but with this cool Jimi Hendrix finish.

Keeley Compressor Plus

  • 10
  • Positive: Truly great compression pedal with equally great features. My always on pedal.

Keeley The Dark Side (V2)

  • 10
  • Positive: Gilmour in a box. Fuzz is sublime. Wicked good effects

Mr. Black Eterna (Gold modified)

  • 10
  • Positive: A choir of angels. Best shimmer reverb money can buy.

Mr. Black Gila Mondo Phaser

  • 10
  • Positive: Gooey eight stage phaser made by the pedal wizards at Mr. Black. It's like molasses in Antartica. Best sounding phaser I've ever played.

MXR Custom Shop CSP-210 Sub Machine

  • 8.5
  • Positive: Shaggy 70's fuzz with sub and upper octaves. Kicks ass.

MXR M-102 Dyna Comp

  • 8.5
  • Positive: Great classic compression tones and awesome as a sustaining gain boost going into other gain and fuzz boxes

MXR M-169 Carbon Copy - Analog Delay

  • 10
  • Positive: Gorgeous analog delay in a simple rugged box. Incredible tone and depth.

MXR M-234 Analog Chorus

  • 9
  • Positive: To my ears, this is the finest sounding chorus on the market.

MXR M-75 Super Badass Distortion

  • 10
  • Positive: An excellently versatile crunch box with great tone. Also great stacked with the mxr 77 custom badass

MXR M-77 Custom Badass Modified O.D.

  • 8.5
  • Positive: Classic overdrive with a mid boost mode. Sounds great and versatile. Stacks great with the mxr super badass.

RawkWorks Night OD

  • 10
  • Positive: The dirty boost of kings. Very Klon-ish but with twice the gain on tap. My go to ''add a little magic" pedal.

Rockett Pedals Blue Note Overdrive

  • 10
  • Positive: Best OD for adding transparent gain to your signal. A truly spectacular low to medium gain pedal with sparkling clarity and a smooth rasp.

Tortuga Effects Fire Ant - Germanium Overdrive

  • 10
  • Positive: My favorite OD. Smooth, articulate, with great note clarity. Vocal mids and bell like top end with a rumbling soft crunch in the low end.

Tortuga Effects Werewolf - Over-Stortion

  • 9.5
  • Positive: A beastly badass of a box. Wickedly good dirt. The Werewolf superb tone rules with harmonically rich growls and beautifully vocal howls
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