Dr. Green (by Ashdown) Tune Up - Tuner Pedal

  • 7
  • Positive: So far its good, bright display and a flat option as well

Electro-Harmonix Nano LPB-1 Linear Power Booster

  • 8
  • Positive: good clean boost without colouring tone
  • Negative: doesnt play with my EQ pedal vey well and starts clipping (in a bad way)

Eno Music EQ7 - Graphic EQ (V2 - green with light blue boarder)

  • 7
  • Positive: can shape the tone quite preciesly without causing hiss etc.
  • Negative: doesnt play nice with my electro harmonix boost pedal

Ibanez DS7 Distortion

  • 6
  • Positive: the tone lock is a great idea
  • Negative: i wouldnt say the distortion is the best iv heard but usable

Ibanez ES-2 Echo Shifter

  • 8
  • Positive: Great delay and tap tempo
  • Negative: takes up alot of pedalboard space

Jim Dunlop Cry Baby GCB-95 Wah Wah

  • 4
  • Positive: sold construction
  • Negative: not as pronounced as i want

TwinStomp S21 Overdrive

  • 10
  • Positive: amazing OD with great clarity. The best OD i have tried so far
  • Negative: Nothing so far
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