Coron Distortion 10

  • 9.5
  • Positive: nice texture, rich, juicy sound, blues rock tone, very powerful but never agressive. lot of caracter. great classic OD.
  • Negative: no led, no DC, no true bypass

Coron Distortion 15

  • 7
  • Positive: very powerful, compressed sound at hi dist level. Fantastic on LP bridge pick ups, quite biting Rock sound
  • Negative: no led, no DC, no true bypass. missing highs (wrong cap value). not as versatile as the Coron distortion 10

Guyatone PS-102 Zoom Box Distortion (led between the knobs)

  • 8
  • Positive: Large OD range from clean boost to hard crunch always very warm and smooth. Balanced & powerful.Opamp on socket. great tone. low noise
  • Negative: led lights when pedal is pluged in, not engaged...

Snarling Dogs SDP-1 Tweed E. Dog (version with 2 knobs only (no tone))

  • 9
  • Positive: preamp like, very dynamic clean tones, heavy crunch, great with Strat or LP, tons of gain, authentic tweed amps sounds, nice design.
  • Negative: volume can really be high, a bit oversized. not very versatile
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